Marie Era

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Deborah Marie Era June 5th 1955 - October 7th 1985 

This has been a life long dream of mine, to help children who's parents pass away when they are young. 
through various channels:
A community (connect with others in the same position)
Counseling (money to send the children to a  counselor)
Mentorship (volunteers in the same position)
Guidance (money to provide financial guidance and planning)
Scholarships (set up a fund for children in this position to go to college)

My mother (Deborah Marie Era) passed away in 1985 at the age of 30, in a car accident.

I Had wonderful support from my friends and family.

However I did not ever feel that the issues were taken care of.

Mentally you never really get over it, especially without counseling.  There are social ramification, and personal feelings, that need to be addressed.

Creating a community of peers, and having someone to talk to who knows exactly what you are going through can help.

Setting up a base of volunteers is just as important as raising money.

The money will be used to set up a fund to do exactly what is is made to do. Help children cope, and get the proper guidance so that they are mentally, financially and in some cases (orphaned) physically taken care of.

The Goal is to have completed the fundraising and sign on of volunteers to be available by October 7th 2017, That will by my mother's 32nd anniversary since she has passed. 

Please contact us if you would like to be put on a list of volunteers so that I can start getting things together.

We will need volunteers to help with the following: 

manage the funds someone with accounting credentials and high integrity. 

Volunteers who have been in the position :
that have had their parent or parents  pass away at the age of 20 or below. 

Any other volunteers that we may not have thought of yet,
even resumes for future reference will be accepted.
This means a lot to me, it has been something I have dreamed of doing since I was 12.
However as much as it means to me personally, I am hoping that it means more and helps a lot more  children in that situation for generations to come. 

Everyone will be thanked individually. 
If the dollar amount is 50-1000:

a thank you certificate and a t-shirt, will be provided. 
For larger than 1000: 

your name will be on the website, and plaque. 

For Large donations a cause will be done in memoriam of the person of your choice. 

Hopefully this dream will become a reality and will help the reality of others not be just a dream.